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PHP Development Environment Setup & Tools (Windows Host & Ubuntu Linux VM Guest)

I mostly use the paid PHPStorm as main development IDE 
(supports: PHP, JS (Angular, PhoneGap/Cordova), CSS/HTML, .MD, XML etc)NetBeans PHP as the free version alternative Apache on Ubuntu Debian LTS - VirtualBox
virtualization (it can change PHP versions by creating/restoring snapshots) PHP7 Current StableXdebug PHP debuggerComposer dependency managerMySQL 5.7NodeJS asynchronous event driven JavaScript runtimeIIS on Windows (can easily register and change between PHP versions) Installed with Web Platform Installer
PHP 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 and 7.0MySQLXdebug PHP debuggerComposer dependency manager for PHPNodeJS asynchronous event driven JavaScript runtimeGoogleChrome powerful browser & dev console (has bookmarks sync)POSTman for API testing (has sync, unit tests and supports multiple environments)SourceTree for Git Source Control Management (and conflict merging as well)HeidiSQL as a SQL client tool (db/table backup and restoration, fast)WinSCP for SFTP file transfers (light)PuTTY SSH a…